Early Music Now
Sundays @ 4pm

Early Music Now is a one-hour program showcasing music from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and early Baroque: from sonorous medieval chant and polyphony to delightful renaissance madrigals, dances, and consort music to magnificent baroque cantatas and keyboard music. Host Sara Schneider brings knowledge, charm, and passion to her presentation of seven hundred years of music history. From the latest recordings by today’s vibrant young ensembles, to classics from the dawn of the early music revival, Early Music Now makes this repertoire accessible and enjoyable to a wide audience.


The Phantasticks:  This week's show follows the development of stylus fantasticus from its Italian origins to the Germans who brought the style to its zenith. I Fagiolini and violinist Bjarte Eike perform a dazzling sonata from 1629 by Dario Castello, Liuwe Tamminga presents a groundbreaking toccata by Frescobaldi, and Ton Koopman and the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra bring the 'fantastic' works of north German master Dieterich Buxtehude to life.


Music from the Polish Court:  The Sixteen, directed by Eamonn Dougan, give us a peek into musical life at the court of Sigismund III Vasa, who favored Italian composers like Luca Marenzio. Charles Ferdinand Vasa preferred homegrown composers like Marcin Mielczewski, and we'll hear his works performed by Weser Renaissance Bremen.


I've heard that one before:  Hits and covers have been around for centuries! This week's program introduces some beloved melodies that were used and reused by various composers, like Tandernaken, La Follia, La Spagna, and L'homme Armé.  We'll also learn how a melancholy love song by Hans Leo Hassler ended up in Bach's St. Matthew Passion. Included are performances by Piffaro, Fretwork, and Hesperion XXI.


War and Peace:  It's War and Peace like Tolstoy never imagined!  Join host Sara Schneider this week for battle settings by Isaac and Kerll, Madrigals of Love and War by Monteverdi, plus music to celebrate the Peace of Westphalia (1648) by Schütz and Hammerschmidt.  Weser Renaissance Bremen, Concerto Palatino, and The Consort of Musicke are featured.


The Musical Life of Charles V:  Like most of the Habsburg clan, Emperor Charles V loved his music. This program traces Charles' life from his childhood in Flanders to his court in Spain, and presents some of the music he might have heard along the way, including works by Gombert, de la Rue, and Josquin des Prez. Performances by Capilla Flamenca, Hesperion XXI, and Odhecaton are featured.


Music of the Trecento:  Fourteenth century Italy was alight with creativity in all facets of the arts, from Dante to Giotto.  Composers like Landini, Ciconia, and Perugia contributed to this era of flowering, and we'll sample their works, including classic performances by The Early Music Consort of London from the 1970's, and a 2013 release by Ensemble La Morra.


This Place is a Zoo:  Dogs, horses, donkeys, frogs, and even a flea -- they all get their day in the sun on today's program. Join host Sara Schneider for performances of Josquin's frottola El Grillo featuring The Hilliard Ensemble, The Silver Swan by Orlando Gibbons, performed by The Consort of Musicke, plus The Frog Galliard performed by Paul O'Dette, The Horse's Bransle and more!