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Friday, May 17, 2024
11:55:00 PM
Lyric Pieces Op68: No5 At the Cradle
Composer: Grieg, Edvard
Performers: Neeme Jaervi c, Gothenburg Symphony
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Length: 3.37 min

11:44:00 PM
Blue Planet
Composer: Coolidge, Peggy Stuart
Performers: Siegfried Landau c, Westphalian Symphony
Label: Vox
Length: 9.51 min

11:18:00 PM
Cello Duet Op54 No1 in G minor
Composer: Offenbach, Jacques
Performers: Paul Christopher vc, Milovan Paz vc
Label: Human Metronome
Length: 25 min

11:04:00 PM
Symphony No 19 in D
Composer: Haydn, Joseph
Performers: Antal Dorati c, Philharmonia Hungarica
Label: London
Length: 12.52 min

11:00:00 PM
Pavan 1 in G minor
Composer: Purcell, Henry
Performers: Andrew Parrott c, Tavernor Consort, Taverner Players
Label: Virgin
Length: 3.33 min

10:56:00 PM
Hansel and Gretel: Prayer
Composer: Humperdinck, Engelbert
Performers: Eugene Ormandy c, Philhadelphia Orchestra
Label: Sony
Length: 3 min

10:45:00 PM
Spartacus: Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia
Composer: Khachaturian, Aram
Performers: Yuri Temirkanov c, Royal Philharmonic
Label: EMI
Length: 10.2 min

10:30:00 PM
Masques et Bergamasques Op112 (4)
Composer: Faure, Gabriel
Performers: Ernest Ansermet c, Orchestre de la Suisse Romande
Label: London
Length: 13.31 min

10:08:00 PM
Guitar Quintet G451 in E minor
Composer: Boccherini, Luigi
Performers: David Starobin gtr, Pina Carmirelli v, Philip Setzer v, Phillip Naegele vla, Peter Wiley vc
Label: Sony
Length: 21.35 min

10:00:00 PM
Andante Sostenuto
Composer: Bottesini, Giovanni
Performers: Andrew Litton c, English Chamber Orchestra
Label: ASV
Length: 6.45 min

8:00:00 PM
New York Philharmonic
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Length: 119 min

6:00:00 PM
Performance Today
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Length: 119 min

5:53:00 PM
Pomp and Circumstance Marches Op39: No3 in C minor
Composer: Elgar, Edward
Performers: Andre Previn c, Royal Philharmonic
Label: Philips
Length: 5.42 min

5:26:00 PM
Lark Ascending
Composer: Vaughan Williams, Ralph
Performers: Christopher Warren-Green v/c, London Chamber Orchestra
Label: Virgin
Length: 15.05 min

5:19:00 PM
Suite in D
Composer: Telemann, Georg Philipp
Performers: Neville Marriner c, Academy of St Martin in the Fields
Label: London Jubilee
Length: 16.09 min

5:12:00 PM
Waltz Op18 in E flat "Brillante"
Composer: Chopin, Frederic
Performers: Peter Katin p
Label: London Weekend Classics
Length: 5.28 min

5:00:00 PM
Symphony Wq178 in E minor
Composer: Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
Performers: Hartmut Haenchen c, CPE Bach Chamber Orchestra
Label: Capriccio
Length: 11.21 min

4:51:00 PM
Cinderella Overture
Composer: Rossini, Gioacchino
Performers: Neville Marriner c, Academy of St Martin in the Fields
Label: Philips
Length: 7.44 min

4:39:00 PM
Suite No 3 in E flat
Composer: Boehm, Georg
Performers: Rinaldo Alessandrini hpsi
Label: Astree
Length: 10.02 min

4:30:00 PM
Composer: Chabrier, Emmanuel
Performers: Herve Niquet c, Monte-Carlo Philharmonic
Label: Naxos
Length: 7.59 min

4:11:00 PM
Serenade K525 in G "Eine kleine Nachtmusik"
Composer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Performers: Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Length: 17.13 min

4:00:00 PM
Composer: Ravel, Maurice
Performers: Joshua Bell v, Andrew Litton c, Royal Philharmonic
Label: Decca
Length: 10.22 min

3:47:00 PM
Norwegian Rhapsody
Composer: Lalo, Edouard
Performers: Yondani Butt c, Royal Philharmonic
Label: ASV
Length: 10.55 min

3:37:00 PM
Toccata and Fugue in D minor BWV565
Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
Performers: Michael Murray org
Label: Telarc
Length: 8.31 min

3:23:00 PM
Ma Vlast: No1 Vysehrad
Composer: Smetana, Bedrich
Performers: Antal Dorati c, Concertgebouw Orchestra
Label: Philips
Length: 13.32 min

3:07:00 PM
Trumpet Concerto
Composer: Haydn, Joseph
Performers: Adolph Herseth tpt, Claudio Abbado c, Chicago Symphony
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Length: 14.24 min

3:00:00 PM
LIsle Joyeuse
Composer: Debussy, Claude
Performers: Geoffrey Simon c, Philharmonia Orchestra
Label: Cala
Length: 6.16 min

2:54:00 PM
Bagatelles Op126: No3 in E flat
Composer: Beethoven, Ludwig van
Performers: Anatol Ugorski p
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Length: 4.03 min

2:19:00 PM
String Quartet No 3 in B flat Op67
Composer: Brahms, Johannes
Performers: Emerson String Quartet
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Length: 33.34 min

2:09:00 PM
Autumn Concertino
Composer: Thomson, Virgil
Performers: Neville Marriner c, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
Label: Angel
Length: 8.56 min

2:00:00 PM
Water Music: Suite No 2 in D HWV349
Composer: Handel, George Frideric
Performers: Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Length: 8.22 min

1:49:00 PM
Joueurs de flute Op 27
Composer: Roussel, Albert
Performers: Dionne Jackson fl, Marija Stroke p
Label: Bridge
Length: 9.57 min

1:18:00 PM
Scottish Fantasy Op46
Composer: Bruch, Max
Performers: James Ehnes v, Mario Bernardi c, Montreal Symphony
Label: CBC
Length: 29.47 min

1:11:00 PM
LOlimpiade Sinfonia
Composer: Pergolesi, Giovanni
Performers: Myung-Whun Chung c, Santa Cecilia Orchestra
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Length: 5.45 min

1:00:00 PM
Piano Sonata No 7 in G
Composer: Hummel, Johann Nepomuk
Performers: Antonio Pompa-Baldi p
Label: Centaur
Length: 9.38 min

12:47:00 PM
Richard III Suite
Composer: Walton, William
Performers: Charles Groves c, Liverpool Philharmonic
Label: EMI
Length: 12.01 min

12:25:00 PM
Symphony Op37 No4 in A G518
Composer: Boccherini, Luigi
Performers: Ross Pople c, London Festival Orchestra
Label: Hyperion
Length: 20.15 min

12:12:00 PM
Variations Serieuses Op54
Composer: Mendelssohn, Felix
Performers: Shiyun Lee p
Label: Dynamic
Length: 11.41 min

12:03:00 PM
Mystery Sonatas: No13 in D minor "The Descent of the Holy Spirit"
Composer: Biber, Heinrich Ignaz Franz
Performers: Jeannette Sorrel c, Alan Choo v, Apollos Fire
Label: Avie
Length: 8 min

11:55:00 AM
The Supposed Treasure
Composer: Mehul, Etienne Nicola
Performers: Michel Swierczewski c, Gulbenkian Foundation Orchestra
Label: Nimbus
Length: 4.28 min

11:38:00 AM
Lyric Suite Op54
Composer: Grieg, Edvard
Performers: Yondani Butt c, Royal Philharmonic
Label: ASV
Length: 15.22 min

11:08:00 AM
Bolt Suite Op27a
Composer: Shostakovich, Dmitri
Performers: Neeme Jaervi c, Scottish National Orchestra
Label: Chandos
Length: 29.16 min

11:00:00 AM
Composer: Marais, Marin
Performers: Trio Settecento
Label: Cedille
Length: 6.18 min

10:33:00 AM
Piano Concerto No 15 in B flat K450
Composer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Performers: Murray Perahia p/c, English Chamber Orchestra
Label: Sony
Length: 24.51 min

10:21:00 AM
Symphonies Op2: No6 in F
Composer: Boyce, William
Performers: Christopher Hogwood c, Academy of Ancient Music
Label: LOiseau-Lyre
Length: 6.43 min

10:00:00 AM
Pines of Rome (4)
Composer: Respighi, Ottorino
Performers: Jesus Lopez-Cobos c, Cincinnati Symphony
Label: Telarc
Length: 20.16 min

9:49:00 AM
Trojans at Carthage: Ballet
Composer: Berlioz, Hector
Performers: Colin Davis c, Royal Opera Orchestra
Label: Philips
Length: 10 min

9:22:00 AM
Piano Trio Op1 No3 in C minor
Composer: Beethoven, Ludwig van
Performers: Vladimir Ashkenazy p, Itzhak Perlman v, Lynn Harrell c
Label: EMI
Length: 26.19 min

9:07:00 AM
Swedish Rhapsody No 1 Op19 "Midsommarvaka"
Composer: Alfven, Hugo
Performers: Neeme Jaervi c, Stockholm Philharmonic
Label: BIS
Length: 13.3 min

9:00:00 AM
Sonata K135 in E
Composer: Scarlatti, Domenico
Performers: Victoria Drake hp
Label: Well Tempered
Length: 5.07 min

8:49:00 AM
Thieving Magpie Overture
Composer: Rossini, Gioacchino
Performers: Carlo Maria Giulini c, Philharmonia Orchestra
Label: EMI Great Artists
Length: 10.31 min

8:35:00 AM
Brandenburg Concerto No 2 in F BWV1047
Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
Performers: Jordi Savall c, Le Concert des Nations
Label: Astree
Length: 12.08 min

8:29:00 AM
Cinderella: In Palace
Composer: Prokofiev, Serge
Performers: Neeme Jaervi c, Scottish National Orchestra
Label: Chandos
Length: 5.27 min

8:11:00 AM
Piano Sonata Op41 in E flat
Composer: Clementi, Muzio
Performers: Tanya Bannister p
Label: Naxos
Length: 17.34 min

8:02:00 AM
Finlandia Op26
Composer: Sibelius, Jean
Performers: Vladimir Ashkenazy c, Boston Symphony
Label: London
Length: 8.16 min

7:41:00 AM
Adagio for Strings Op11
Composer: Barber, Samuel
Performers: Neville Marriner c, Academy of St Martin in the Fields
Label: Decca
Length: 8.42 min

7:29:00 AM
Variazioni Concertanti Op130
Composer: Giuliani, Mauro
Performers: Jeffrey McFadden g, Michael Kolk g
Label: Naxos
Length: 11.2 min

7:06:00 AM
Piano Concerto No 3 in D minor Op30 / Rachmaninov, Sergei
Composer: Rachmaninov, Sergei
Performers: Yuja Wang p, Gustavo Dudamel c, Los Angeles Philharmonic
Label: DG
Length: 41.04 min

7:00:00 AM
Ouverture No 3 in B flat
Composer: Veracini, Francesco
Performers: Reinhard Goebel c, Musica Antique Koln
Label: Archiv
Length: 12.57 min

6:49:00 AM
Ballade No 1 in G minor Op23
Composer: Chopin, Frederic
Performers: Burkard Schliessmann p
Label: Divine Art
Length: 9.5 min

6:32:00 AM
Symphony No 38 in C "Echo"
Composer: Haydn, Joseph
Performers: Adam Fischer c, Austro-Hungarian Haydn orchestra
Label: Nimbus/MHS
Length: 15.55 min

6:20:00 AM
The Oak
Composer: Price, Florence
Performers: John Jeter c, Wurtemberg Philharmonic
Label: Naxos
Length: 10.42 min

6:09:00 AM
Four Seasons: RV315 Summer Concerto in G minor
Composer: Vivaldi, Antonio
Performers: Gil Shaham v, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Length: 9.59 min

6:00:00 AM
German Dances D820 (6) (Schubert)
Composer: Webern, Anton
Performers: Leon Botstein c, American Symphony
Label: Koch
Length: 7.17 min

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