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Sunday, June 18, 2023
11:46:00 PM
Symphony No 4 in C minor
Composer: Arne, Thomas
Performers: Graham Lea-Cox c, Hanover Band
Label: ASV
Length: 12.42 min

11:25:00 PM
Introduction, Theme with Variations and Polonaise Op65
Composer: Giuliani, Mauro
Performers: Pepe Romero gtr, Neville Marriner c, Academy of St Martin in the Fields
Label: Philips
Length: 19.28 min

11:10:00 PM
Sonata for Strings No 5 in E flat
Composer: Rossini, Gioacchino
Performers: Camerata Bern
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Length: 14.17 min

11:00:00 PM
Folksong Suite
Composer: Hoddinott, Alun
Performers: Andrew Penny c, Royal Ballet Sinfonia
Label: Naxos
Length: 9.4 min

10:45:00 PM
Variations (8) K352 in F on "Dieu damour"
Composer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Performers: Daniel Barenboim p
Label: EMI
Length: 13.35 min

10:32:00 PM
Composer: Still, William Grant
Performers: Zina Schiff v, Avlana Eisenberg c, Scottish National Orchestra
Label: Naxos
Length: 11.56 min

10:11:00 PM
Wind Quintet Op68 No2 in F
Composer: Danzi, Franz
Performers: Ensemble Wien-Berlin
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Length: 19.29 min

10:00:00 PM
Petite suite Op22
Composer: Bizet, Georges
Performers: Jean-Luc Tingaud c, RTE National Symphony
Label: Naxos
Length: 10.5 min

8:00:00 PM
Concert Night
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Length: 119.59 min

7:00:00 PM
Gateways Music Festival
Composer: Various
Performers: Various
Label: .
Length: 59 min

6:00:00 PM
American Landscapes
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Length: 59 min

5:00:00 PM
The Score
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Length: 59 min

4:00:00 PM
Early Music Now
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Length: 59 min

2:00:00 PM
Theme and Variations
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Length: 119 min

1:53:00 PM
Passagallo Op7 No6
Composer: Vitali, Giovanni Battista
Performers: Accademia Farnese
Label: Mondo Musica
Length: 5.16 min

1:17:00 PM
String Quintet in E flat Op97
Composer: Dvorak, Antonin
Performers: Pacifica String Quartet, Michael Tree vla
Label: Cedille
Length: 34.56 min

1:07:00 PM
Quiet City
Composer: Copland, Aaron
Performers: Gerard Schwarz c, New York Chamber Symphony
Label: Angel
Length: 8.53 min

1:00:00 PM
Symphony Op6 No4 in B flat
Composer: Bach, Johann Christian
Performers: David Zinman c, Netherlands Chamber Orchestra
Label: Philips
Length: 6.05 min

12:46:00 PM
Swedish Rhapsody No. 1
Composer: Alfven, Hugo
Performers: Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra; Paavo Berglund, c
Label: EMI Classics
Length: 12.35 min

12:33:00 PM
Partita No 9 in D
Composer: Rosetti, Antonio
Performers: Consortium Classicum
Label: CPO
Length: 11.39 min

12:24:00 PM
Polonaise Op53 in A flat "Heroic"
Composer: Chopin, Frederic
Performers: Charles Richard-Hamelin p
Label: Analekta
Length: 7.27 min

12:03:00 PM
"Es ist das Heil uns kommen her" BWV9
Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
Performers: Helmuth Rilling c, Bach Ensemble
Label: Haenssler
Length: 20.3 min

11:47:00 AM
Concert Overture No. 1
Composer: Price, Florence
Performers: John Jeter c, Wurtemberg Philharmonic
Label: Naxos
Length: 11.4 min

11:13:00 AM
Symphony No 41 in C K551 "Jupiter"
Composer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Performers: Neville Marriner c, Academy of St Martin in the Fields
Label: EMI
Length: 32.33 min

11:07:00 AM
Sonata K 96 in D
Composer: Scarlatti, Domenico
Performers: Sergio Assad gtr, Odair Assad gtr
Label: Nonesuch
Length: 4.5 min

11:00:00 AM
Silken Ladder Overture
Composer: Rossini, Gioacchino
Performers: Carlo Maria Giulini c, Philharmonia Orchestra
Label: EMI Great Artists
Length: 6.17 min

10:41:00 AM
Piano Trios H15: No16 in D
Composer: Haydn, Joseph
Performers: Beaux Arts Trio
Label: Philips
Length: 17.1 min

10:25:00 AM
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Suite
Composer: Moross, Jerome
Performers: Paul Bateman c, City of Prague Philharmonic
Label: Silva
Length: 14.22 min

10:05:00 AM
Clarinet Concerto No 1 in F minor Op73
Composer: Weber, Carl Maria von
Performers: Charles Neidich cl, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Length: 19.04 min

10:00:00 AM
Zoroastre Overture
Composer: Rameau, Jean-Philippe
Performers: Christophe Rousset c, Les Talens Lyriques
Label: LOiseau-Lyre
Length: 4.2 min

9:00:00 AM
The Intimate Guitar
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Length: 59 min

8:51:00 AM
Mediodia en el Llano
Composer: Estevez, Antonio
Performers: Eduardo Mata c, Simon Bolivar Symphony
Label: Dorian
Length: 7.47 min

8:47:00 AM
Trumpet Tune and Air
Composer: Purcell, Henry
Performers: Philip Jones Brass Ensemble
Label: Decca
Length: 2.54 min

8:17:00 AM
Violin Sonata No 7 in C minor Op30 No2
Composer: Beethoven, Ludwig van
Performers: Yehudi Menuhin v, Jeremy Menuhin p
Label: EMI
Length: 28.11 min

8:00:00 AM
Don Juan Op20
Composer: Strauss, Richard
Performers: Claudio Abbado c, Berlin Philharmonic
Label: Sony
Length: 16.41 min

7:51:00 AM
Ludi Musici: Paduan Cantus IV
Composer: Scheidt, Samuel
Performers: Jordi Savall c, Hesperion XX
Label: Auvidis
Length: 6.5 min

7:45:00 AM
Fantasia on "Greensleeves"
Composer: Vaughan Williams, Ralph
Performers: Charles Rosekrans c, Royal Philharmonic
Label: Telarc
Length: 4.36 min

7:08:00 AM
Piano Quintet in F minor
Composer: Franck, Cesar
Performers: Michael Levinas p, Ludwig String Quartet
Label: Naxos
Length: 36.1 min

7:00:00 AM
Medee Overture
Composer: Cherubini, Luigi
Performers: Donato Renzetti c, Tuscan Radio Orchestra
Label: Frequenz
Length: 7.22 min

6:49:00 AM
Flute Concerto RV427 in D
Composer: Vivaldi, Antonio
Performers: James Galway fl, Claudio Scimone c, I Solisti Veneti
Label: RCA
Length: 9.13 min

6:20:00 AM
Symphony No 4 in D minor Op120
Composer: Schumann, Robert
Performers: John Eliot Gardiner c, Orchestre Revolutionnaire et Romantique
Label: Archiv
Length: 27.55 min

6:08:00 AM
Hungarian Sketches
Composer: Bartok, Bela
Performers: Georg Solti c, Chicago Symphony
Label: London
Length: 11.01 min

6:00:00 AM
Adagio and Fugue K546 in C minor
Composer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Performers: Terje Tonnesen c, Camerata Nordica
Label: BIS
Length: 6.45 min

12AM - 9:00:00 AM
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