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Tuesday, August 22, 2023
11:53:00 PM
Composer: Whitacre, Eric
Performers: Stephen Layton c, Polyphony
Label: Hyperion
Length: 5.33 min

11:41:00 PM
Suite No 3 in G: No1 Elegie
Composer: Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilych
Performers: Antal Dorati c, Philharmonia Orchestra
Label: Philips
Length: 10.47 min

11:22:00 PM
Violin Sonata BWV1005 in C
Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
Performers: Goeran Soellscher gtr
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Length: 18.35 min

11:05:00 PM
Lady Radnors Suite (6)
Composer: Parry, Charles Hubert
Performers: William Boughton c, English String Orchestra
Label: Nimbus
Length: 15.27 min

11:00:00 PM
Idomeneo: Ballet K366
Composer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Performers: Rinaldo Alessandrini c, Norwegian National Opera Orchestra
Label: naive
Length: 4.29 min

10:00:00 PM
Octet D803 in F
Composer: Schubert, Franz
Performers: Boston Symphony Chamber Players
Label: Nonesuch
Length: 59.06 min

8:00:00 PM
Los Angeles Philharmonic
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Length: 119 min

6:00:00 PM
Performance Today
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Length: 119 min

5:52:00 PM
WTC BWV874 Prelude and Fugue in D
Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
Performers: David Korevaar p
Label: Musicians Showcase
Length: 6.1 min

5:33:00 PM
Dolly Suite Op56
Composer: Faure, Gabriel
Performers: Seiji Ozawa c, Boston Symphony
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Length: 17.53 min

5:22:00 PM
Sonatina Meridional
Composer: Ponce, Manuel
Performers: Denis Azabagic gtr
Label: Naxos
Length: 9.08 min

5:04:00 PM
Symphony No 34 in D minor
Composer: Haydn, Joseph
Performers: Adam Fischer c, Austro-Hungarian Haydn orchestra
Label: Nimbus/MHS
Length: 17 min

5:00:00 PM
Humoresque Op101 No7
Composer: Dvorak, Antonin
Performers: The Rembrandt Trio
Label: Dorian
Length: 3.2 min

4:43:00 PM
Meistersinger Overture
Composer: Wagner, Richard
Performers: Christian Thielemann c, Philadelphia Orchestra
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Length: 10.24 min

4:35:00 PM
Concerto for Two Flutes RV533 in C
Composer: Vivaldi, Antonio
Performers: William Bennett fl, Lenore Smith fl, Neville Marriner c, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields
Label: Philips
Length: 6.4 min

4:30:00 PM
Macbeth: No3 The Yellow-Haired Laddie
Composer: Arnold, Samuel
Performers: Kevin Mallon c, Toronto Camerata
Label: Naxos
Length: 4.04 min

4:13:00 PM
Papillons Op2
Composer: Schumann, Robert
Performers: Jenoe Jando p
Label: Naxos
Length: 14.37 min

4:00:00 PM
Plow that Broke the Plains Suite
Composer: Thomson, Virgil
Performers: Neville Marriner c, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
Label: EMI
Length: 12.41 min

3:55:00 PM
Chanson de Matin Op15 No2
Composer: Elgar, Edward
Performers: Natalie Clein vc, Vernon Handley c, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic
Label: EMI
Length: 3.16 min

3:37:00 PM
Sinfonia buffa VB129
Composer: Kraus, Joseph Martin
Performers: Petter Sundkvist c, Swedish Chamber Orhcestra
Label: Naxos
Length: 16.38 min

3:27:00 PM
Songs Without Words (3) (arr. Nestor)
Composer: Ben-Haim, Paul
Performers: Duo Mantar
Label: Naxos
Length: 9.31 min

3:06:00 PM
Holberg Suite
Composer: Grieg, Edvard
Performers: Norwegian Chamber Orchestra; Iona Brown, c
Label: EMI Classics
Length: 18.08 min

3:00:00 PM
Sonata No 3 in G
Composer: Weckmann, Matthias
Performers: Roland Wilson c, Musica Fiata
Label: CPO
Length: 5.02 min

2:52:00 PM
Preludes (3)
Composer: Gershwin, George
Performers: Isata Kanneh-Mason p
Label: Decca
Length: 6.32 min

2:26:00 PM
String Quartet K499 in D "Hoffmeister"
Composer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Performers: Amadeus Quartet
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Length: 24.05 min

2:22:00 PM
Indian Queen Overture
Composer: Purcell, Henry
Performers: Ronald Thomas c, Bournemouth Sinfonietta
Label: Chandos
Length: 2.52 min

2:00:00 PM
Clarinet Concerto No 2 in E flat Op74
Composer: Weber, Carl Maria von
Performers: Charles Neidich cl, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Length: 21.21 min

1:47:00 PM
Richard III Suite
Composer: Walton, William
Performers: Charles Groves c, Liverpool Philharmonic
Label: EMI
Length: 12.01 min

1:32:00 PM
Overture "Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage" Op27
Composer: Mendelssohn, Felix
Performers: Claudio Abbado c, London Symphony
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Length: 13.05 min

1:06:00 PM
Violin Sonata No 5 in F Op24 "Spring"
Composer: Beethoven, Ludwig van
Performers: Anne-Sophie Mutter v, Lambert Orkis p
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Length: 25.22 min

1:00:00 PM
"Nisi dominus"
Composer: Monteverdi, Claudio
Performers: Canadian Brass
Label: RCA
Length: 4.38 min

12:55:00 PM
Don Juan: Dance of the Spectres and the Furies
Composer: Gluck, Christoph Willibald von
Performers: Giovanni Antonini c, Il Giardino Armonico
Label: Na?ve
Length: 4.07 min

12:35:00 PM
Le Festin de lAraignee Op17
Composer: Roussel, Albert
Performers: Pascal Verrot c, Quebec Symphony
Label: Analekta
Length: 18.03 min

12:26:00 PM
Toccata and Fugue in D minor BWV565
Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
Performers: David Schrader org
Label: Cedille
Length: 8.1 min

12:03:00 PM
Guitar Quartet No 5 in C Op5 No2
Composer: Paganini, Nicolo
Performers: Alberto Mesirca g, Daniel Rowland v, Joel Waterman vla, Maja Bogdanovic vc
Label: Brilliant
Length: 21.42 min

11:55:00 AM
Composer: Debussy, Claude
Performers: Marija Stroke fl
Label: Bridge
Length: 3.3 min

11:25:00 AM
Symphony No 42 in D
Composer: Haydn, Joseph
Performers: Antal Dorati c, Philharmonia Hungarica
Label: London
Length: 28.25 min

11:20:00 AM
Toccatas Book IV: No2 in E minor FbWV108
Composer: Froberger, Johann Jakob
Performers: Sergio Vartolo hpsi
Label: Naxos
Length: 4.12 min

11:00:00 AM
Don Juan Op20
Composer: Strauss, Richard
Performers: Gustavo Dudamel c, Berlin Philharmonic
Label: Deutsche Gramophon
Length: 18.39 min

10:55:00 AM
Adriano in Siria Overture
Composer: Bach, Johann Christian
Performers: Simon Standage c, Academy of Ancient Music
Label: Chandos
Length: 6.47 min

10:25:00 AM
Arpeggione Sonata D821 in A minor
Composer: Schubert, Franz
Performers: David Finckel vc, Wu Han p
Label: ArtistLed
Length: 26.13 min

10:12:00 AM
Oboe Concerto in E minor
Composer: Telemann, Georg Philipp
Performers: Heinz Holliger ob, Iona Brown c, Academy of St
Label: Philips
Length: 11.24 min

10:00:00 AM
The Oak
Composer: Price, Florence
Performers: John Jeter c, Wurtemberg Philharmonic
Label: Naxos
Length: 10.42 min

9:54:00 AM
Composer: Chabrier, Emmanuel
Performers: Herve Niquet c, Monte-Carlo Philharmonic
Label: Naxos
Length: 4.37 min

9:50:00 AM
Cantabile e mest in G minor
Composer: Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
Performers: Elizabeth Rich p
Label: Connoisseur Society
Length: 3.31 min

9:04:00 AM
Symphony No 6 in D Op60
Composer: Dvorak, Antonin
Performers: Charles Mackerras c, Czech Philharmonic
Label: Supraphon
Length: 44.25 min

9:00:00 AM
Ciacona Op 1 No 12
Composer: Corelli, Arcangelo
Performers: Charles Medlam c, London Baroque
Label: EMI Reflexe
Length: 3.13 min

8:48:00 AM
Piano Sonata Op2 No4 in A
Composer: Clementi, Muzio
Performers: Howard Shelley p
Label: Hyperion
Length: 9.1 min

8:35:00 AM
Semiramide Overture
Composer: Rossini, Gioacchino
Performers: Riccardo Chailly c, National Philharmonic
Label: London
Length: 12.15 min

8:22:00 AM
St Pauls Suite Op29 No2
Composer: Holst, Gustav
Performers: Howard Griffiths c, English Sinfonia
Label: Naxos
Length: 12.26 min

8:07:00 AM
Sonata in G minor
Composer: Muffat, Georg
Performers: Les Elements Amsterdam
Label: RN
Length: 13.26 min

8:00:00 AM
Sirens of the Ball Waltz
Composer: Lehar, Franz
Performers: Erich Kunzel c, Cincinnati Pops
Label: Telarc
Length: 6.38 min

7:49:00 AM
Prelude "Languir me fais"
Composer: Sermisy, Claude de
Performers: Piffaro
Label: Archiv
Length: 5.13 min

7:31:00 AM
Symphony in C minor
Composer: Vanhal, Jan Krtitel
Performers: Kevin Mallon c, Toronto Camerata
Label: Naxos
Length: 16.24 min

7:20:00 AM
Song of Summer
Composer: Delius, Frederick
Performers: Charles Groves c, Royal Philharmonic
Label: EMI
Length: 9.34 min

7:06:00 AM
Concerto BWV 1060 for Oboe and Violin
Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
Performers: John Abberger ob, Jeanne Lamon v/c, Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra
Label: Analekta
Length: 13.18 min

7:01:00 AM
Scherzo a la Russe
Composer: Stravinsky, Igor
Performers: Michael Tilson Thomas c, London Symphony
Label: RCA
Length: 3.56 min

6:49:00 AM
Orpheus in the Underworld Overture
Composer: Offenbach, Jacques
Performers: Erich Kunzel c, Cincinnati Pops
Label: Telarc
Length: 9.55 min

6:36:00 AM
Variations (12) K265 in C on "Ah vous dirai-je maman"
Composer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Performers: Daniel Barenboim p
Label: EMI
Length: 12.3 min

6:26:00 AM
Cello Sonata RV46 in B flat
Composer: Vivaldi, Antonio
Performers: Heinrich Schiff vc, Ton Koopman hpsi, Jaap ter Linden vc
Label: Philips
Length: 8.43 min

6:11:00 AM
Renaissance Bouquet
Composer: Biggs, John
Performers: Walter Verdehr v, Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr cl, Silvia Schroeder p
Label: Crystal
Length: 13.5 min

6:01:00 AM
Pieces in the Old Style
Composer: Gorecki, Henryk
Performers: Rudolf Werthen c, Orchestra of Flanders
Label: Telarc
Length: 8.11 min

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