American Landscapes


American Landscapes is a weekly sampling of the best of American music, hosted by Michael Campion. You'll hear works by composers such as Aaron Copland, Samuel Barber, George Gershwin, Leonard Bernstein, Edward MacDowell, George Chadwick and many others. The program presents familiar music that never gets old, music to get reacquainted with and music that you'll be hearing for the first time.


American Pioneers


John Knowles Paine: Symphony No. 1 - IV.

Arthur Foote: Piano Quartet, Op. 23 - I.

Charles Ives: Symphony No. 3 - II.

Amy Beach: Pastorale

George Chadwick: Symphony No. 3 - III.

Edward MacDowell: To a Water Lily and The Joy of Autumn

Edgar Stillman Kelley: Aladdin - Aladdin's Wedding



American Light Music


Arthur Pryor: The Whistler and His Dog

Morton Gould: Pavanne

David Rose: Holiday for Strings

Leroy Anderson: Bugler's Holiday and Clarinet Candy

Felix Arndt: Nola - A Silhouette

Victor Herbert: Babes in Toyland - March of the Toys

John W. Bratton: The Teddy Bears' Picnic

Raymond Scott: The Toy Trumpet

Ethelbert Nevin: Narcissus

George Gershwin: Promenade - Walking the Dog



Meditations and Prayers


Alan Hovhaness: The Prayer of St. Gregory

Kurt Bestor: The Prayer of the Children

Morton Gould: American Ballads - Memorials

Alan Bern: Reb Itzik's Nign

James DeMars: An American Requiem - Memorial Prayer

Paul Creston: Corinthians XIII

John Williams: Song for World Peace