Saturdays @ 10PM

Fiesta is devoted to Latino concert music and presents artistically significant compositions from Latin America, Spain and Portugal to listeners. The creative force behind this series is Elbio Barilari, an acclaimed composer, musician, performer and professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The Uruguayan-born Barilari says, "Fiesta features the hottest Latin-American music from the sixteenth to the twenty-first centuries."


The Great Alberto Ginastera: One of the greatest twentieth century composers, Alberto Ginastera wove characteristics of Latin American music seamlessly into his compositions. This week's episode of Fiesta will share some favorite recordings of Ginastera.


Touch of Nature: Fiesta explores how Latin American composers have interpreted the unique sounds of nature in music, including forests, jungles, mountains and coastlines.


The Latin American Cello: Powerful and beautiful, the cello has been an instrument beloved by Latin American composers. On this program we will share some of the greatest cello music by Latino composers including Francisco Mignone, Carlos Chavez and Astor Piazzolla.


Romantic Nationalism: During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, many Latin American composers wrote pieces in romantic and nationalistic styles. They flavored the techniques of nineteenth century western music with rhythms and melodies of their countries. This episode of Fiesta explores this fascinating musical period.


The "Unknown" Joaquin Rodrigo:  Spanish composer Joaquin Rodrigo is considered one of greatest composers of the twentieth century, though few of his pieces are widely known.   This week's episode of Fiesta will present some of Rodrigo's less familiar pieces.


Many formidable pieces of the last hundred years have been dedicated to the ballet or modern dance, and Latin American music is no exception! This episode of Fiesta presents some of the most beloved Latin American works for dance.


Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, has inspired music in Latin American culture throughout history. Often confused with Halloween in America, the Day of the Dead is about honoring and paying tribute to one's ancestors. This episode of Fiesta explores music that celebrates this holiday.